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Nikon D90 shooters have reason to celebrate the New Year thanks to the Aputure Gigtube. The what?? Yeah, it’s a weird name for a product, but it just might become a household name among photographers looking to fire their cameras from a distance while checking the unit’s 2.5-inch LCD screen (230,000 pixels, 16M colors definition). Not only does this “DSLR Digital ViewFinder” let you focus and fire, but you can check Live View off-camera, which makes it a breeze to take shots from unusually high (or low) angles. You don’t have to sprawl on the ground or climb a stepladder. Just check the screen, half-depress the big red button on Gigtube to lock in the focus, then press down to capture. Once you’ve nailed the shot, the unit’s LCD flashes a quick “Wait For Image” message (as shown below) while the image is sent to the camera’s memory card. Of course you can also preview your captured shot.


Best of all, the Gigtube’s  “any angle viewer” swivels counter-clockwise 180°, clockwise 90° to accommodate odd angles. You can either attach the unit to the camera’s hot  shoe, or use it as a handheld remote control. Its compact, clam-shell design can be tucked away easily in a pouch in your gear bag.

The device is powered by a rechargeable LIP battery, 1000mAh (3 hours of run time), and comes with a 2m extension cable. And, hey, it’s not just for Nikon DSLRs, either.

If you don’t find this cool tool in your stocking, we suggest you give yourself a gift and grab it from photoXgearwww.photoxgear.com


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