Gotta love the Bay Area…

Click on the image for a nice big view of San Francisco Bay.

This was shot with a 100-300mm zoom at 100mm. 1/250 sec at f/20 (ISO 200); -1 1/3 EV. 

Marin County is really heaven for photographers. There is so much beauty it’s hard to miss. This shot (and, again. you have to click on it to see it large) has a lot of rich detail. What makes this image interesting (rather than just a pretty post card) is the composition. I waited for the boat to sail into the scene. Didn’t want it dead center, of course, but just to the left. A few seconds later and it would have been obscured by the buildings.

Notice how the coastline behind the boat curves inland, providing a nice three-dimensional quality. Thanks to the natural landscape, the photo doesn’t appear flat despite the compressed view of a telephoto lens.

The lesson here is find your subject before you press the shutter. Be patient and good things happen.