Packin’ it in…(Part II)

Well, I was supposed to leave five days ago, but there was a change of plans. Looks like it’ll be Thursday before I blow town. Fine with me. Gives me more time to pack. Besides, I left a few items off the list in  my original post.


Nissin Di866 digital flash. This works as a remote with my speedlight so I can have two light sources off-camera.  Travel light, I always say.


PackSeat. I don’t know how I left this baby off the list. It’s portable comfort wherever you are, folds up and attaches to my gear bag. You can get this at Magellan’s—the best travel supply source on the planet.


Have to replace the book on my list (#19) because I finished reading it. I’m taking Tokyo Vice by Jake Adelstein… a true tale about an American journalist who gets mixed up with the Japanese mob. Perfect companion at the motel.