The 200th Post


July 4, 2008.

That’s the date of the first entry on this blog, posted from Charlottesville, VA, as I was about to embark on the first leg of a journey to San Diego. It all began at Starbucks, so might as well return. They were closing stores back then—an early indication of bad economic news to come. Of course, Bush was president so some things have definitely gotten better. There was no Zoom Street, it was just an idea kicking around in my head. But you could  always find a Bob’s Big Boy. Speaking of which, the San Diego Tribune  (yes, it’s still here) just reported that Bob is beefing up, planning to market himself anew…cash in on the growing nostalgia craze.


Did someone say nostalgia? The above snap is certainly that. Yours truly posing in a photo shot by my friend Jim Ricketts. I think it was taken on the Cape, but can’t remember. But you have to admit there’s a distinct resemblance between Bob and me.

Me Big Boy, you Jane.

Zoom Street Magazine was officially launched from Coronado, CA in November, 2008—4 months after the first post here. I was preparing the turf, weeding, watering the lawn, trimming the hedges, chasing away the coyotes.

And here I am… marking the 200th post on The Editor’s Blog

This isn’t an anniversary, I’m just dishing trivia. Playing the numbers game. Passing stats for stat’s sake. Marking time. Feeling nostalgic.

This post is just a snapshot. I’m holding it up to the light… shaking my head… ‘Has it really been that long?’…

Finally,  moving on.

Thinking about the new angles I’ve yet to explore.

new angle

What’s this? Oh yeah, that’s me mounting a Flip camcorder atop a tall boom pole in preparation for an aerial sequence.

Enough memories. It’s back to the future. Here’s a self-portrait I haven’t yet taken….