Dita: Stripteese is a sumptuously packaged collection of three flipbooks, starring the bountiful Queen of Burlesque—Dita Von Teese. The embossed cover fairly seduces one to touch it. You run your fingers over the lettering (naughty, naughty)… thinking, if only all photography books were this much fun.

Fittingly, the reader/viewer must undress this beribboned edition to unveil its contents: a trio of ornately designed flipbooks: Bird of Paradise, Classic, and Martini Glass. As with a box of imported chocolates, one must make a selection from the offerings bedded in their recessed felt-lined nooks, labeled Swing, Seduce, and Splash… another tease before you flip for the strip.


The gorgeous color photos by Sheryl Nields live up to the anticipated pleasure here as Dita swings in a gilded cage, does a naughty feather dance and back-to-back peek-a-boos.Splashes and basks in a giant Martini glass, yet keeps her pasties on. Indeed, the book maintains a level of tastefulness rarely seen these days. It’s a refreshing romp, a flirtatiously trippy flip to days of yore when burlesque ruled the rude. As you flip through these photos and watch Dita come alive, you can almost hear the hoots, howls, and ribald applause.

Dita: Stripteese is bound to please.

With the holidays approaching, it should certainly take off.