The Car of My Future





Now I ask you very confidentially… ain’t she sweet?

You can drive this baby right into the supermarket. Think pink! 


Or maybe I’m just dreaming….



The idea of a beautifully designed all electric, zero emissions commute vehicle is a dream turned-reality that began over a decade ago for Mike Corbin, “Idea Guy” and the ingenuity behind the Sparrow personal transit module. Using revenues from his motorcycle seat & accessory company, Corbin Pacific, Mike and six dedicated crafts people created the Alpha Sparrow. Built in eight months for less than a $1,000,000, the Sparrow made its debut Thanksgiving week 1996 at the San Francisco International Auto Show. The Sparrow specs:

  • Onboard battery charger with pulse charging
  • 100 volt 3 phase AC asynchronous motor
  • 156 volt 300 amp AC controller
  • Three-wheeled vehicle registers, insures and parks as a motorcycle
  • Regenerative braking-motor recharges batteries as the vehicle slows down
  • 1350 lbs. curb weight, 72-inch wheel base, 57 inches vehicle height
  • 70 mph top speed, 20-40 mile range
  • $14,900 retail price
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