Monochrome Redux

After posting my review of Joe Farace’s Creative Digital Monochrome Effects (see previous post), I decided to look at some recent shots I converted from the color originals.


This Halloween store was photographed for a newspaper article and required conversion to grayscale. Still, the image is more powerful than the color shot, moodier and more dramatic.  Sometimes color can be distracting.


The filtered image above was shot on a foggy afternoon and conversion to grayscale heightened the effect of the scene.

In the two variations of the flower below, I preserved the color in the subject. The exaggerated contrast in the first image directs the viewer’s eye to the petals. The subtle, solarized version is more illustrative and visually interesting.



Because we “see” everything in color it’s easy to forget the potential of monochrome effects. Farace’s book is a welcome reminder.

Spend a day devoted to shooting grayscale images. See if it alters your choice of subject.

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