A dozen police cruisers—sirens screaming—raced down 6th Avenue this afternoon. My D90 was ready and I flew out the door.

A cop questioning transients in Balboa Park  was attacked by an Hispanic male. Several other men joined in on the attack. Two suspects are now in custody, and the cops are searching for two more. The injured officer was taken to Mercy Hospital. Condition unknown.

Here’s the prime suspect.


Suspect #2 being handcuffed.


The crime scene.


Police spokesperson Dawn Summers briefing the press.


If i were grading myself, I’d give me a B+ for getting out the door with my coffee mug in hand.  C+ for the photos. The video gets a  D- because I did not lock-in the exposure, nor properly focus. I’ll also give myself an F for not bringing a monopod in my haste. (Yes, it should have been strapped to the camera bag!) I can offer excuses but they just don’t cut it.

The camera, however, gets an A for performing well, and this is evidence why the D90 is a good choice for photojournalism. The built-in audio is sufficient. Using a separate digital audio recorder is the best way to go if you have the time.

In a situation like this, production speed is critical. The photos, video, and text were processed in just under 20-minutes.

Gimme an A.

NOTE: I shot the video and images for the San Diego Weekly Reader. My wife, Sheila, a journalist, covered it with pad and pen.