WTF Dept.

Good question. Occasionally I get asked this since my blog is under the wing of Zoom Street Magazine, devoted to digital photography. My feeling is this: photographers are not one-track minded geeks glued to their cameras. The ones I know have interests  beyond the lens. Books, music, food, you name it. This blog meanders into territory outside photography…wherever my imagination happens to be at the moment. I thought about posting the above headline atop every entry that strays from photography-related topics. But then I got all caught up in the design of the headline. I was eager to use a font I recently obtained so  thought maybe I’d write a post about…
blind_misodesigned by Mårten Nettelbladt for use by     architects. Well I’m no architect, but that’s another subject that fascinates me and one worthy of a post on this blog.

I realized the question would be appearing here frequently. Maybe it should replace “the Editor’s Blog” as the title?

No. better to leave things as they are. Keep visitors guessing. And a few asking, “What’s this got to do with photography?”

Answer: Nothing. And everything.

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