And now for an award-winning new Episode…


I’ve been shooting  a lot of videos lately and exporting  the edited clips to a variety of formats. Good video encoding software is essential, of course. The last thing I want is to spend a lot of time messing with tools. Everything must flow and make my life easier so I can focus on storyboarding, shooting and editing. Episode Pro 5.2 makes life easier. Life and work.  The program has been popular on the Mac for a number of years, but this version for Windows is the new kid on the block—destined for stardom.

The first time I launched this “all-in-one” desktop video encoding app, I didn’t need to reach for the Help files or take a pill. Here was an interface to launch a thousand clips—clear, simple, drag and drop heaven. You can add a couple of “f”s to that for fast and fluid and give it an A+

That’s for starters. Episode Pro from Telestream is powerful.  It can convert to any format you desire. It offers over 500 settings templates and advanced deinterlace filters. Previews, too…A/B comparison, auto-update, dynamic frame preview, and play functionality. You can add a watermark to your content as a picture, animation or even as a movie. Episode offers resizing and resampling algorithms designed  to give the best quality on small-screen display devices.


Episode Pro  provides robust batch processing  at full speed (click above screen shot for larger view)—no time for even a coffee break. Of course,  it doesn’t hurt to use a workstation, like HP’s Z800  running Vista 64-bit. Yes, Episode Pro runs like a champ on  64-bit operating systems.  Files are processed sequentially, not all at once.

Watch Folder

My favorite feature in Episode  comes into play when I’m shooting video with my D-SLR, a Nikon D90. Sadly, Adobe Premiere Pro can’t work with the camera’s native AVI clips, so I have to convert all the files to Quicktime (MOV) format before I can edit them. No problem. I set up an Episode ”Watch Folder”  with my preferred conversion template in place. I just drop clips from the camera into the folder and the application automatically converts the files. Sweet!

A lot of software has “Pro” tagged onto its name, but Episode earns the tag every time you use it—don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s just designed right. It also  earns Zoom Street’s Street Smart Editors’ Choice Award.