Redrock Micro rocks!

Those in the know, know. Now I know, too…having just tested the “Captain Stubling” DSLR support rig from redrockmicro. This is the brainchild of Stu Maschwitz, author of the classic DV Rebel’s Guide which is a must-have for anyone shooting digital video on a small budget. Of course you need some sort of budget to afford the cool tools redrock sells so your movies can look like they came from Hollywood and not Hoboken.

I attached a Nikon D90 and started shooting random video, wandering aimlessly through the office, maneuvering through the dusty jungle of  lights, booms, tripods and c-stands. When I plugged the SD card into the PC and launched the AVI—hell, it was steady and smooth. Captain Stubling sure beats Captain Crunch.

Put aside the fact I first attached the thing to the zoom and not the focus ring (doh), but it worked, and I even had the battery pack on the camera which was another dumb-bunny move. But frankly it would be nice if the unit came with some printed instructions for technically-challenged chumps like me. Since the rig retails for a hefty $975, a little b/w quick-start card is a no-brainer. (Ahoy Captain!)

Anyhow, I got smart and matched the mount and it’s looking good.

Last night, I took the Captain out for a drive through the mean streets of San Diego. I was riding shotgun, shooting the lights and noirish shadows on University Avenue for some tests for the mmp* version of Shoot To Thrill. The ride was bumpy to be sure, complete with potholes, so even at 30 mph the video should have been jarring. But Captain Stubling performed like a star and showed some very smooth moves under the circumstances.

CLICK HERE to see the quick test.

CLICK HERE to see how the video was used in the infamous “smoker” sequence from Shoot To Thrill.

More tests to come. Stay tuned.



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*major motion picture