Nikon Gets a Mic, Jack!


I was shooting some video tests with the Nikon D90 today.

Forgot to turn the audio off. Captured plenty of noise from the ceiling fan—complete with a wind-storm effect worthy of Twister. Next time I’ll try stuffing the camera in a mic muff.

DOF_grabhis The above still was grabbed from video shot in mirror. It  shows the shallow depth of field you can get. Pretty soon every D-SLR will  have HD capability, but Nikon started it all.

If only I could control the DOF on my little Flip Mino I could really travel light. Well, maybe next year.

Meanwhile, Nikon’s announcement of the D300s is good news for videographers… the camera features just what the D90 is missing: a stereo Mic input. Camera body (without lens) runs about $1,800.d300s