DV JIB (large)


Here’s my new mobile DV Jib-Lift XK3R79-600S. What a beaut!  This is the large model (JLG), although you can step up to the extra-large  edition (JXLG) for only a $27,000. Problem with the jumbo DV  Jib-Lift is you need a site to park it. The 600S  is narrow enough to drive on the sidewalk. (Make sure you remove the optional XK-940 crane-shaft  before hitting the freeway.  I almost took out the pedestrian overpass at San Diego State University yesterday. Phew!)

I’m using the unit on the set of the movie version of SHOOT TO THRILL  for some stunning aerial shots not possible with my 6-foot Donald Duck boom arm. With the 600S  I’m shooting at a height of 60 feet. The thing pans and tilts  like you wouldn’t believe, although trees and buildings can present problems. The unit has a slide-rack mount that fits my Nikon D90 like a charm—kiss those bungee cords goodbye!

Keep in mind this Jib is not  for the casual videographer shooting family outings, as you have to have a license to operate it. But prosumers with Hollywood aspirations should definitely consider adding it to the kit bag. 

My publisher, Pearson Education, offers an online certification “crash course” which I passed in 6-weeks flat. (C-, but that was good enough to get a license.)

The portable mobile DV Jib-Lift XK3R79-600S has all the features you’d expect, and some nice extras as well. I particularly like the handy can-holders and lunch trays in the cab and carriage (not shown here). A designer slop bucket is also included.  So if you’re ready for some serious cinematography with your miniDV camcorder or your HD-capable D-SLR, now’s the time to take the plunge. Be sure to mention Zoom Street and they’ll throw in a roll of caution tape.

You can check out an excerpt from the THRILL movie here.


Lights, cameras, action!!!!!