Treading Data


I’ve been on a book bender, or maybe I should call it a blackout… eight lost weekends? I dunno, but time flies when you’re having funky. I’ve been burning the midnight noir with Shoot to Thrill and—although the book has been put to bed—there’s plenty of work left to do. I have to finish the dedicated THRILL WEB SITE  and crack the marketing whip.

And then there’s the movie version of the book that’s in production here and up in L.A. I’ve also got to iron out plans for the next book (on digital video) and decide if I have enough slang left to write it.

Consequently, my desk is piled to the ceiling fan with things I want to write about.

At the moment, the big deal around here is an HP Z800 Workstation.

This is a monster PC born for video editing—(it’s making the movie version of Shoot to Thrill a joy to edit rather than a pain), and high-end graphics production. An example of the latter: I was working with five huge CMYK photos simultaneously in Photoshop without a glitch…that’s a few hundred MB worth of data. I also had other apps running in the background. Amazing what 12GB of RAM can do on this machine running the 64-bit version of Vista. Now even though Photoshop CS4 is not a 64-bit app, Adobe wrote code which takes advantage of the additional RAM available to the 64-bit OS.

To put it another way, running Photoshop on the HP Z800 is an out of body experience—a complete mind-blower. Not only does it launch Photoshop like you’re flipping on a light switch, but all its features are turbo-charged. Here at Zoom Street we’re runing “The Master Collection” on the Z800 (that’s every Adobe product) and here’s where you really see why this workstation is a winner. (Winner in more ways than one, its been tagged for a Street Smart Editors’ Choice Award.).

Now I’ve tested a lot of fast PC’s in my day, but nothing comes close to this. It makes me feel like I’ve been treading data my whole life. Suddenly, I’m riding a rocket. 

I can’t even calculate the time I might have saved on my book had this unit arrived when I started.

I’ll have plenty more to say about this in future posts,  including the thrilling specs.