Cover Story (Part 1)

Finally finished SHOOT TO THRIL  Typed the words “The End”  last Saturday morning, 4:18 AM PST. I was too tired to crack  open the bottle of absinthe on my desk to celebrate. Besides, there’s still more work to be done… edits, several videos, and a dedicated web site.

A new cover is finished, too, but more on that in a moment.

Took me 8 weeks in all—a personal best (Hell, I’m no Scott Kelby). It was a hard-boiled, nonstop marathon through No Man’s Land. (No dames, either.)

You know it’s fast work when a publisher changes a release date and makes it earlier, in this case,  from mid-October to Sept. 27th.

Wish I could report the pressure is off.  There are of loose ends need to be tied, jargon to polish—(unlike all those sissy tech books, mine  gives you more slang for the buck)—and help the publisher sell a few copies.

 Guess I might as well start right now.

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IMHO the  book’s cover is worth the price of the book alone. No, it ain’t pretty, and some folks are gonna squawk and come gunning for me… but then,  trouble has always been my business. (Which may explain why I’m always going bankrupt.)

If you did yourself (and me) a favor and bought a copy on Amazon then you saw my original cover design. THAT IS NOT THE COVER THAT WILL APPEAR ON THE PRINTED BOOK. Do not be fooled by cheap imitations,

A few weeks ago, I was on location doing night shots and captured one I knew I could use. I just wasn’t sure where to put it,  When I opened it up  in Lightroom, a little vice said:  “Don’t be a sap, this is your cover.”

And the vice was right.  But I already had a cover, and the publisher’s sales force was already launching assaults on the market… probably too late for a change now.

I sent the photo to the publisher with my  fingers crossed. The word “controversial” never entered my mind.  All I knew was this pic was superior to the original taken way back when in Coronado.

Turns out it wasn’t too late after all…BUT…they couldn’t run it.

Everyone agreed it was better, but they told me I’d  crossed the line for a technical book. The chain stores  would object, they said, and might even refuse to stock it. (Yeah, B&N and borders are that powerful.)

Long story short: I took my case all the way up to the Supreme Court…and won!

Any day now the new cover will appear on Amazon, B&N, and Borders.

Until then, here’s a peek. (I reveal the actual story behind the photo in the book itself. Sorry, you’ll just have to buy the damn thing.)