Walkin’ the dawgs…

Who says you can’t teach a road dog new tricks?

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend heist, Elmore Leonard blew into town with a hot new novel under his arm. String up the hammock and pour the tequila in a chilled glass.

“They put Foley and the Cuban together in the backseat of the van and took them from the Palm Beach County jail on Gun Club to Glades Correctional, the old redbrick prison at the south end of Lake Okeechobee. Neither one said a word during the ride that took most of an hour, both of them handcuffed and shackled.”

I can feel the heat already. Let’s have another round and a round of applause for Elmo while we’re at it.


This summer, you can skip the road trip and save some gas. Take ROAD DOGS for a ride.


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