Turn of the Screws

While you’re outside celebrating the start of summer, I’ll be here at my desk pecking away on a deadline for my forthcoming book, SHOOT TO THRILL: A HARD-BOILED GUIDE TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY. You can e-mail me a sympathy card.

The publisher is tightening the screws, as a friend told me it’s already listed in the Borders database.

Want pressure with those fries?

Come to think of it, instead of sending me sympathy… pre-order the damn book and help motivate me to finish it. It’ll buy me cigarettes and a cup of joe..

You can even squint at a thumbnail of the book’s cover online, an early design which is always subject to change. Hell, if you could see the changes my original outline has been through you’d start to believe in reincarnation.

On that note I’ll bid adieu and wish you a hard-boiled summer.