Is it Spring yet?


I’m no botanist, but I know a good flower when I see one. Call me a sissy, but I shoot in the shrubs from time to time. Color like this is hard to pass by. Here are a few tips. Shoot on a cloudy day and you have nice, soft, natural light. Or right after a rain storm. Early morning or dusk. All are optimum for flowers. Shoot with the sunlight behind the flower to emphasize the translucency of the petals.

When, however, you see beauty at high noon—like this photo—under expose a stop or two. Use Aperture priority and open up the lens for shallow depth of field or zoom in. It’s not just the color that makes this a wow shot, but texture & tone. This was taken at 1/250 sec at f/11,
-1/3 EV.

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