Nikon 18-200mm VR – Quick Impressions

I can sum it up in six words: Fast. Faster. Fastest. Sharp. Sharper. Sharpest. Great glass all around. Zoom range pretty much covers all the bases. Quiet. Add Vibration Reduction (VR) and you’ve got a lens worthy of the frontlines.

This is the lens I’ll keep on my D90 24/7.

AF is super fast. Half-press the shutter and it instantly locks. I like to switch between Matrix and Spot metering on the fly and it never trips up. Also, I keep the lens set on M/A so when I want to focus manually I simply use the focus ring.

If I focus wide at, say, 24mm and then decide to zoom in at 150mm,  the lens holds the focus nicely.

Below, Birds of Paradise spot metered at 150mm (1/250 at f/11).  Click on images for large view.


Now check out the sharpness is the version below which I radically cropped.


I’ll report on the VR capability in a future post. I’ll also let you know where the sweet spot lies.