Across from the office this morning two cops pulled a guy over. Speeding, probably, a common occurrence on this street. I happened to have a camera in hand so I fired off a few shots. Nothing special, but the one below highlights a visual oddity.


Like I always say, if the shoe fits…


There’s actually a simple lesson here: take your camera wherever you go. There’s plenty of “human interest” photos waiting outside your door.

Life is a bowl of quirks.

Years ago, when I was living in Manhattan, I worked as a stringer for UPI. My apartment on Second Avenue was conveniently located a block from The Daily News Building and United Press International. I lugged around two motor-driven Nikons loaded with Tri-X and wandered the city. Most of the shots I sold (that actually went out over the wire) were like those in this post. Little oddities that caught my eye.

New York, of course, is a goldmine for photographers as every block contains countless visual possibilities…a sea of anonymous faces and bodies in motion. Celebrities and politicians, too, and I photographed quite a few on the street (Robert Redford, Norman Mailer, Lillian Hellman, Ed Koch, Mario Cuomo, et al.), but there was no challenge in that. All I had to do was hand my negatives to the editor at the photo desk and say “Redford”  and was fairly guaranteed they’d hit the wire. But the shots where my eye captured something nobody else had seen… that was truly exciting. I had creative control.

With eyes open and camera ready (keep the lens cap off!)… you never know what you’ll see.