Soup du Jour


The Nikon D90 has a complex menu structure with more appetizers and entrées than I care to count. This is also true of a lot of point-and-shoot cameras today, but at least Nikon has everything logically organized. Best of all, the D90 lets you create your own custom menu so you can quickly locate the commands you access most frequently. A very nice feature. Seems like they’ve taken an few hints from Adobe‘s interface designers. So, for example, when I want to shoot multiple exposures I can press one button without having to drill down through a maze of sub-menus. Pretty cool, eh?

Another handy feature is the D90’s FUNC. button, located on the front of the camera just below the AF-assist illuminator. (See below)


You can assign a command to the Fn button. When I press mine it activates spot metering. Or maybe you want to use it to direct the camera to save a RAW (NEF) file along with a JPEG. Another time-saver.


And the last word here is on the D90 User’s Manual. It’s actually readable, not some half-translated absurdist text. Why there’s even an index so you can find what you’re looking for.

That’s the scoop on the soup for today.

Stay tuned for more on the D90.