Is photography still a good way to get girls?


I’m often asked that question by aspiring young photographers fresh out of community college. Armed with a diploma, digital camera, reflectors, and a tripod, these young men are  aburst with enthusiasm, chomping at the bits to make a splash in the glamour biz.

The short answer is no.

Today everyone carries a camera so it’s hard to tell the Steichens from the Nikon-toting psychos. Actually the former always carry a Model Release. Worst of all, professional photographers are often mistaken for tourists and women are not (repeat are not)  attracted to tourists.

TIP: never wear a camera strapped around your neck. Doesn’t matter how expensive it is, you look like an idiot. Sling it over your shoulder and keep your head down.

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Glamour photography (a.k.a. Galmour)  has a rich history. In 1826 Charles and Vincent Chevalier created the world’s first “babe-magnet,” a wooden box capable of preserving cheesecake. The camera became so popular with bachelors that mass production was invented. Then came the legendary classic TV show, Love That Bob, which drew thousands of untalented males into the profession. Finally, in 1966, Michelangelo Antonioni ‘s art film Blow-Up appeared and the rest is, well, Wikipedia.


As a child I ogled the babes posing for Bob Cummings. Sometimes I mistook “Uncle Bob” for my father. (My uncle’s name was Bob, too, small world.) My dad was a professional photographer who did his share of fashion. I devoted more time browsing through model books than reading the Hardy Boys. Guess my path in life was set in stone. (You’d have to be stoned to set out on that path.) I’ll have plenty more to say on this subject, but will save it for future posts. In the meantime here’s a nostalgic vid.