Little Red Roadster (Reprint Covers I’d Like to See #1)

If there are any publishers out there looking to buy some cheap reprint rights, you’ve come to the right blog. I have several dozen out of print titles you’ll want to consider. Hell, I’ll even forgo royalties for a reasonable buy-out fee. Face it, the market is death valley and you can’t afford to hand out those nice fat advances for books that wind up selling 400 copies. At least some of my books earned back the advance, which is more than you can say for Joyce Carol Oates. Anyhow, I’ve been updating the cover designs on some of my classics. Here’s a fresh do-over for The Little Red Book of Adobe LiveMotion.

cover art by Derek Pell

You can even change the title to The Little Red Book of SWiSHminimax 2. Sounds sporty.

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