It’s all in the detail(s)…


If you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom make use of Loupe View to zoom in and inspect your images at full size. Check for sharpness and exposure detail, traverse the edges


Cropped detail. Click on image for large view.

Shot at 1/400 sec. at f/4.3, ISO 100 (23.5mm)

Below is the image before cropping (1986 x 2838 pixels)


The photo was taken with a 36-432mm (35mm equiv.) zoom lens. The shallow depth of field that creates a vignette was achieved by shooting in Aperture Priority mode open to f/4.3.  I had time to compose the image in camera, and the flower’s singular shape and color stands out, while the cropped version offers a different visual pleasure, i.e., the variety of shapes and subtle tones. 

It pays to inspect your photos closely as you never know when you’ll discover a twofer.

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