Office of the Future?

photo illustration by Derek Pell

I have seen the future and it’s the present.

It’s not paperless and it’s not Tomorrowland, but it might as well be because I’ll be seeing it again tomorrow morning. Hopelessly retro, I know. This is a portrait of my desk that I snapped this afternoon. It may appear messy to you, but take my word for it… you won’t find a neater desk at Zoom Street.

Here are some of the items that constitute my workspace (note: the unnumbered items are the most interesting)

(1)  ceramic black panther
(2)  “Les Pop / Les Filles”  (CD)
(3)  Western Digital “My Book” external drive
(4)  3.5  oz. can of Dust-Off Junior
(5)  Averatec All-in-One PC (a phenomenal display)
(6) case containing earbuds
(7) FreeAgent Go external drive
(8) indicates either a pair of glasses and/or a scanner

Wasn’t that exciting and informative…isn’t that precisely what a blog should be?

I suppose the wireless keyboard and mouse could be grouped as one item and numbered (9). The former permits me to type on my lunch hour. The latter is a pain in the ass and needs to be replaced. There’s a Swingline “PowerEase” stapler (hidden) which is one of my favorite things…it actually gets easier to use each time you use it. That’s not to imply that stapling papers is a complex task,  but rather I’m describing the manner in which the device performs.

Where are the cameras?  Far from the madding crowd and coffee mugs (not shown).

Now take a snapshot of your desk. Don’t rearrange or hide anything, just shoot it in the raw. Study the photo, explore the space, and thank me for providing an excuse to procrastinate.