Stretch of the Imag(e)ination

behind the scenes

 My photo of  a rotting cinema on Coronado Island graces the December issue of Zoom Street Magazine. However, without Photoshop CS4 it would never have made it to the front page. I’m not talking about enhancements or filters, take a look at the original image below.


Yes, this one’s smaller, but that’s just because this thumbnail version was handy…  the content, the color, everything’s  the same. Now consider the difference in orientation. The cover is “landscape,”  while the original photo is almost  a perfect square (“portrait”). To make the original photo fit the magazine’s cover dimensions without cropping would have been impossible.

Except for….  the magic of Photoshop CS4’s new content-aware scaling. which permitted me to simply stretch the photo to the required proportions.


I can’t count the number of times this problem has—pardon the pun—cropped up. It either resulted in hours of doctoring or an alternative image being used.

Should you upgrade to CS4?

Case closed.


UPDATE: Another example of a ZS cover that made use of CAS can be found at the links below:

Unscaled  image

Scaled image