TIP: Save it for the wedding.

 Zoom Street Photo / Derek Pell

This post was supposed to be “San Diego Noir (part 4)” but the photo doesn’t cut it. Not a miserable failure, just a lot of sweat in the digital darkroom. So why publish it? To remind myself to leave the camera on a tripod. 

There are times when “sharp as a tack” isn’t desirable, as a  little murk can go a long way back. In fact, I could swear I saw this shot in my old man’s portfolio from the 1940s. As for the “star filter”  effect… it’s not canned, not post-production, but the result of camera-shake, so you got to live with it. 

TIP: If you don’t shoot weddings lose the star filter.

Where did I go right? The composition guides the eye to the “subject”… the two blurred figures moving in the b.g. Start of a story, and that’s always nice. It’s why photography is easier than writing.

You don’t need an ending.