Letter to Santa

 Smokin Santa

OK, Fatman…

Here’s my top ten list, not necessarily in this order:

1.  Two sandbags (this time with the sand, THANK YOU)… available at U.S. Calvary for nine bucks apiece. No color preference, just make sure they’re filled.

2. A case of black gaffer’s tape. I know-I know, not easy to come by, but try Adorama. Shipping to the Pole is pricey, but that’s your problem not mine.

3. Nikon D3. Use plenty of bubblewrap in the sled, want this sucker to arrive without a scratch.

4. Black fishnet stockings. (They’re for the wife, so consider it optional.)

2.  How did 2 get here?

5.  Props…  I always need props so use your imagination.

6. Another copy of Ron Suskind’s The Way of the World. Mine looks like its been to Kabul on jackass. It’s a terrific read so get yourself one while you’re at it. Just don’t touch mine, thanks.

7. A lifetime subscription to Layers magazine. (Make that 2 lifetime subscriptions, in case I’m reincarnated.)

8. More memory.

9. More memory. (No, that’s not a typo, that’s called driving home a point.)

10. Now make my day…. surprise me.


NOTE: above items subject to change without notice