San Diego Noir (part 1)

Zoom Street  Photo / Derek Pell
Zoom Street Photo / Derek Pell

I went on a noir-binge last week and haven’t had the hangover yet. This photo was not my intended target, but when I got back to the computer and surveyed the evening’s results, this one jumped out.
it immediately triggered a string of ideas and when an image does that you know it’s successful.

I like Hopper, but didn’t want to recreate Nighthawks. The echoes are there, but I think this image transcends the cliché.  Then again, the noir style is a visual cliché, so it’s all about execution and inspring a mood.

The photo has found its way into a Flash video project I’m working on for the magazine, and also forms the basis of a new web layout.  Gotta love the unexpected.

As for the original image I set out to capture, it’s in a folder on my desktop. I  just haven’t had time to look at it closely.