Bucks Redux

Muggy tonight in San Diego.

Had to go off-island and found myself (as I usually do) at a Starbucks.

This one is in Hillcrest. Actually Hillcrest has 4 within a mile radius. Each has something different to offer, and I don’t mean the way they spike the Americano. Hell, the recipes are ironclad. I’m talking architecture, lighting, ambiance. I like ’em all, but when it comes to sitting outside, soakin up the night, I head here. The  patio area is huge and has ashtrays (no joke). Sitting here after dark stirs up scenes of film noir.  Hear the clack of high heels in the parking lot?  The dame was shopping at Trader Joe’s and now she’s trying to find her SUV. (Good luck!) Of course, in Hillcrest, it might be a guy in stillettos, never know. I’ll be sure to hit the neighborhood on Halloween, the camera stashed in a treat bag.

A man in a trench coat just left and I think he’s been following me. Shoulda shot him when I had the chance, but I packed away the lens

See what I mean? You gotta love this part of California. Plenty of food for dreams.

Breeze comin in now, finally. I didn’t feel it at first, just saw the palms start to move.

Hell, it’s ten already and I’m still nursing a tall.

No sleepin like a baby tonight.


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